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June-July 2014

In the professional world, decisions are not made in a vacuum. Every day, you are asked to make choices regarding a wide range of matters. Optimally, they are made in a logical, systematic manner—or so we hope. Copious volumes have been written about the decision-making process, but essentially it should be broken down into five key steps:

1. Define the type of the opportunity or clarify the nature of the problem.

2. Identify and analyze all the possible alternatives.

3. Estimate the impact of each considered course of action.

4. Choose the best option.

5. Evaluate the results and follow up, if necessary.

Each article in this edition of The Capital Issue explores topics pertaining to analysis or evaluation in regards to capital projects or nonprofit investments. Our objective is to provide useful information to assist you in making the best decisions possible for your organization or business.

Enjoy your summer and feel free to contact our authors or one of our bankers if you have any questions.

Tom Green, CEO

Five Best Practices for Financial Feasibility Studies
How Will Quality Metrics Impact a Hospital’s Credit Rating?
Not All Appraisals Are Created Equal

Not All Appraisals Are Created Equal

For owners of any senior living facility in pursuit of financing, the market value of the project is a crucial component in determining the appropriate amount of leverage. A large determinant in that valuation can be the conclusions of a third-party appraiser, who is often engaged by the lender to provide an objective assessment of value.

White Paper Preview: Financing Options for Affordable Multifamily Rental Housing
Do They Deliver? Evaluating the Success of Hedge Fund-of-Funds

Do They Deliver? Evaluating the Success of Hedge Fund-of-Funds

It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” For anyone considering an alternate investment strategy, this tidbit of wisdom is particularly relevant.

The Capital Issue: June - July 2014

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