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Kelly Parnell

Kelly Parnell is an Associate with Lancaster Pollard in Columbus. Previously, she worked in middle market mergers and acquisitions and health care. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Miami University and a Master of Finance from The Ohio State University. She holds a Series 79 and Series 52 licensure. As a member of the analytical team, Kelly is responsible for financial modeling, valuation, credit analysis, and project management throughout the funding approval and the closing process for FHA senior living construction projects.

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Medicaid Block Grants and the Prospective Effects on States

12/11/2017 In the last edition of The Capital Issue, we detailed Medicaid spending trends and explored how recent block grant proposals would affect health care providers. In this issue, we examine the effects of block granting on states in general while also providing a detailed analysis focused on three specific states—Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. Read More

Medicaid Block Grants and the Prospective Effect on Providers

10/9/2017 Obamacare repeal has become a zombie. It won’t die, but it’s not exactly living either. The fact that it won’t completely die is telling, however, and signals that the possibility of repeal will likely linger as an issue through the next several election cycles. Of the many difficult aspects of reforming health care, perhaps the most debated is what to do with Medicaid spending and block grant proposals. And no matter what form the zombie resurfaces in down the road, be it repeal or reform, there will be big questions regarding the future of Medicaid. Below, we take a close look at Medicaid spending trends and detail what recent block grant proposals might look like if they were to become reality.  Read More

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