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Brian Coate

Brian Coate is a vice president with Lancaster Pollard in Columbus, Ohio. As the lead housing banker for Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, he has focused his efforts on affordable and market-rate housing, providing client guidance and support on a range of mortgage loans for rehabilitations, new construction and refinance projects. His thorough understanding of and experience with financing programs such as HUD/FHA, Fannie Mae, USDA and low-income housing tax credits have allowed him to creatively combine financing options to achieve the most cost-effective outcome in financing over $400 million of debt for almost 100 projects nationwide. 

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Tax Reform Uncertainty and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Market

6/8/2017 Comprehensive tax reform is one of those things that politicians often talk about, but few in Washington actually believe will ever happen. After all, the last bipartisan comprehensive tax reform achievement occurred over 30 years ago, a distant past when politicians still reached across the aisle to pass major legislation. Now, with partisanship as strong and bitter as ever, it would take a myriad of factors to get to a place where tax reform is even a possibility. Setting the stage for comprehensive tax reform would likely require one-party control of both the House and the Senate, a president from that same party who is willing to take big risks, and a speaker of the house with a detailed plan. To the surprise of many, that’s exactly where we stand as 2017 unfolds. Read More

Small Changes, Big Benefits: HUD Programs Move Forward

8/7/2016 As housing developers well know, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a litany of programs, provisions and notices designed to improve the availability of housing for low-income residents. Some programs hum along requiring little maintenance, some undergo major transformations regularly and some simply spin their wheels—often as a result of a gridlocked political process. Read More

Disparate Impact Ruling Creates Opportunities

8/4/2015 Although the original intent of the Fair Housing Act (Act) was to provide equal housing opportunities for protected citizens, the nation's neighborhoods are increasingly segregated into two groups, further perpetuating the prophecy of the 1967 Kerner Commission Report of "two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal." Read More

A Buyer’s Market: Fannie Mae Acquisition Loans

4/13/2015 For those receiving an abundance of real estate brokerage packages lately, one aspect is likely to stand out—the high prices sellers are asking for in today’s frothy acquisition market. Due to those high prices, as well as factors such as fewer closing contingencies, quicker closings and all-cash offers, now can be an ideal time to consider selling well-performing affordable apartment buildings. Read More

The Right Permanent Financing Option: When FHA is Better Than Banks

10/13/2014 An affordable housing developer stands at a crossroads. With low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) and plans for a construction project firmly in hand, a major decision awaits.  Read More

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