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Brad Competty

Brad Competty is a vice president with Lancaster Pollard in Columbus. He focuses in the health care and senior living sectors. Brad holds a MBA degree from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. 

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The Five-Star Rating System for Skilled Nursing: Perceptions and Effects

6/10/2017 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced its Nursing Home Compare five-star system for skilled nursing facilities in December of 2008 to assist the public in identifying meaningful distinctions among skilled nursing providers. The skilled nursing facility (SNF) five-star rating is based on health surveys, staffing numbers and quality measures and has become a frequently referenced metric in the industry nine years after its introduction. Read More

Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals: Can They Be Financed?

12/6/2015 Although long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) have been around for some time, they have historically been lost in the shuffle by financiers. While many may compare them to a traditional skilled nursing facility (SNF), there are several key differences which make it more difficult for LTACHs to obtain long-term financing. This begs the question; are there any consistent financing options for LTACHs similar to those in the skilled nursing sector? To determine the answer, we must first understand what LTACHs are and the factors which affect their financial health. Read More

Staying Independent and In Control

8/19/2014 ​It’s widely recognized that the hospital landscape has profoundly changed in the last 10 years due to extensive hospital consolidations. The rise in local hospital systems and the drop in independent community hospitals through mergers and acquisitions have dramatically shifted the makeup of the hospital sector. Read More

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