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Quintin Harris

Quintin Harris is a senior vice president for Lancaster Pollard in Minneapolis and is the lead health care banker for clients in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Prior to joining Lancaster Pollard, Quintin led a distinguished career in international development working in South America and Central Asia. He is a regular speaker on capital funding topics for health care providers.

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Federal Funding Spotlight: Community Facilities Direct Loan Program

6/11/2017 The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is growing its role as a funding partner for health care and senior living providers located in rural areas of the country. While many providers are navigating uncertain futures, one area that seems to be on solid footing is health care infrastructure financing. In sync with the new administration’s policy to enhance infrastructure investments, funding for USDA’s Community Facilities (CF) direct loan program grew in federal fiscal year (FFY) 2017 and may be further expanded in FFY 2018. Read More

Commissioning in Health Care

8/9/2016 Energy usage accounts for more than half of a typical hospital’s annual budget, according to the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE). As the health care industry continues to face pressure to cut costs, hospitals are relying on the commissioning process to ensure that operational expenses and procedures are optimal. Read More

Room to Grow: How Small and Critical Access Hospitals Are Financing Expansion Projects

2/8/2015 Almost one fifth of the U.S. population lives in a rural area. Small and critical access hospitals play a vital role in rural areas and are likely to offer services that otherwise would not be accessible to residents. As a result, these hospitals may be required to expand and/or renovate their facilities in order to provide additional service lines, adjust the amount of outpatient and inpatient services and improve operational efficiencies and patient amenities. Read More

How Will Quality Metrics Impact a Hospital’s Credit Rating?

6/16/2014 Which ratings matter most to hospitals? Read More

Managing Costs: The 411 on Organizing Your Construction Project

4/16/2013 You remember the time, back in the day before 2008 when the construction pipeline was flush with major renovations and new construction for both senior living and health care providers? Read More

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