Uncovering Financing Options for Idaho Hospitals

A Free Webinar for CEOs, CFOs, Boards and Idaho Hospital Association (IHA) Members

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 12Noon MT/11AM PT

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Financing construction and renovation can be challenging for community hospitals. Although profitable, many do not meet the high benchmarks to issue investment-grade debt and are unable to raise the funds on their own. Yet community hospitals may be stronger borrowers than they think, and there may be more options available than they realize.

This program demystifies several financing options available to community and rural hospitals. It uses case studies to explain how actual hospitals evaluated their borrowing options and illustrates the various processes and results. Participants will learn:

  • What financing options are available in 2011 to rural, community and Critical Access hospitals to fund renovation, expansion, and new constructions projects, including FHA, USDA, Federal Home Loan Bank, Bank-qualified, tax-exempt and other structuring options.
  • Specific advantages and disadvantages of each structure, and how they are specifically relevant to small hospitals.
  • How several small hospitals peers structured their transactions in 2009 and 2010, despite challenging market conditions.

For more information, contact Matt Lindsay at (614) 224-8800 or

The Presenter:

Matt Lindsay, Vice President, Lancaster Pollard

About the Firm:

Lancaster Pollard is one of the nation’s largest groups of finance professionals dedicated to the health care sector. The firm is one of few in the nation with experience closing every type of financing available to community and rural hospitals.

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